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30+ years in the making. 100,000+ helped. A Father, A Son and 2 Friends. They believe Chinese Astrology is a unique lens for them to explore themselves and the world around us, while inspiring success.


What we did

Technology is the key to simplifying its complex nature. It is also the bridge that enables us to connect people to guidance from expert Fortune Tellers around the world. This interaction can happen anytime. Own your experience forever on the blockchain. The Astroverse is home to a new NFT collection where the token is built from your Chinese astrology fortune, and is also your ever-growing avatar on a quest for self-fulfillment.

Being a tech partner of Astroverse. we have them to build the system that combines technology and astrology to help people find guidance in an uncertain world from Fortune Tellers they trust. We are also working on Solana network to bring Astrology to NFT world.

The tech we use