Purpose, Mission and Values

CoderPush is a purpose-first business, formed to make an impact on our people and clients.


We aim to become a world-class company in making engineers great and doing engineering well.


Thrive on an international experience for local engineers and world entrepreneurs to maximize learning, drive innovation and create possibilities.


We take inspiration from other technology companies, especially remote ones. We are focusing on building a remote-first, Vietnam-first company. As a young company, we use the following values to find the right people, and we want our new people also help us find the right values.

Growth Mindset

"You don’t always get results and this will lead to criticism from yourself and/or others. We believe our talents can be developed through hard work, targeted training, learning from others, on-the-job experience, and receiving input from others. It is in our DNA as a company and individuals to look for opportunity, stay humble, and never settle. We try to hire people based on their trajectory, not their pedigree. We also strive to foster a culture of curiosity and continuous learning where team members are provided and proactively seek out opportunities to grow themselves and their careers"

Respect, Trust and Honesty

GitLab says it best:

According to the Five Dysfunctions of a Team - which we are a big fan of - the biggest dysfunction is an absence of trust. Respect is a paramount virtue in our culture. Last but not least, honesty is the way we want to grow and feel free. Here’s a lovely quote that captures it:

  • Respect should be earned
  • Honestly is always appreciated
  • Trust must be gained
  • Loyalty will be returned

Prioritize People

We value lasting relationships among coworkers and with clients. Prioritize people over projects and profit. We encourage one another to speak up whenever we need help. Our team members live across multiple cities and nations, working in different projects from one another. We continuously improve our policies and working procedures so that there are enough options for everyone to be in a productive and comfortable setup to produce wow! work.

Continuous Delivery

A technical definition is best given by continuousdelivery.com: "Continuous Delivery is the ability to get changes of all types—including new features, configuration changes, bug fixes and experiments—into production, or into the hands of users, safely and quickly in a sustainable way."

Inspired by the fantastic The Phoenix Project, we strive to practice Continuous Delivery in software development whenever we can. This includes continuous integration (CI), continuous testing, constant monitoring and pipeline analytics.

At CoderPush, we also embrace CI/CD in growing the company and ourselves in personal aspects. We should be empowered to make changes safely, quickly and sustainably. We celebrate healthy habits, such as sports (follow us on Strava), and consistency, such as music or dance. What does Continuous Delivery mean to you?